5 months later.

It’s been 5 months since I last blogged, which is pretty long. Even by my standards. I’m at this weird point where I really don’t feel a part of the blogging community any more, but I’m really starting to miss it. I forced myself out of multiple blogging breaks last year and it never really felt right, as much as I wanted to keep blogging I just didn’t have the same want or drive I used to have with it because frankly I was just putting too much pressure on my content and I forgot how to just enjoy it.

2018 was a massive year for me, I left a toxic relationship of 4 years, I moved back home, I left my job of 2 and a half years and I essentially overhauled my life. I underestimated just how much change I had made, and I just needed a bit of time of to figure out who I was in this entire new life (disclaimer that I’ve definitely still not worked it out). To top off all this LIFE CHANGING CHANGES, I also moved from Wordpress to Squarespace, which was just one change too many and sent me on a digital existential crisis. Retrospectively, this blog migration was probably the biggest bit of procrastination I have ever done.

So what has actually happened in the past 5 months? Not a massive amount in total honesty. I’ve been working a lot, going out with friends (and gin), become a bit of a regular at the gym and also changed to a vegan diet. You can probably expect to read about the last two things in the next few weeks on here.

I kept putting myself off coming back to blogging because I told myself and other people that I didn’t know what I wanted to write about or where I fitted in in the whole blogging world anymore, and I still very much feel this way, but we got’ figure it out together. So expect sporadic posting, about who the hell knows what. It’ll be fuuuuun. I promise.