3 Products for the Ultimate Glow

I am still not, and don’t believe I ever will be, over WHAM BAM in your face glowy make up. It is and always will be a look. I’ve added a few bits lately to my make up bag and routine that have taken da glow to a whole level and you absolutely need them in your life and on your face.

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Zoeva Strobe Gel in Halo

I bought this on a total whim because it was on sale on Beauty Bay, I think I got it for like £7/8 and it usually retails for £11 (I’m realising this wasn’t a great saving but HEY HO). It’s the same sort of idea of the strobe balms you get from other brands, like the culted MAC one, but this is a lot more bouncy than the usual creams. It blends out beautifully and gives you the most beautiful glow. It could definitely be worn alone and would be ideal for the days you don’t want to blind every man and his dog with your cheek bones.

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Ofra highlighter in Pillow Talk

I don’t actually see that many people talking about Ofra (or maybe I’m totally missing something) but I do know of one or two youtubers that totally rave about it. Again, this was caused by a Beauty Bay sale but I got it for like £10 when it’s usually at least £20 odd. Because I don’t know when to stop I love putting this over the Zoeva strobe balm. I would definitely suggest getting one of these highlighters in any of the shades as they are ridiculously good. Like you know when Youtubers do that thing when they put highlighter on and then they’re like ‘WOW can you see that????’ well this does that.

(lol at my nails but)

(lol at my nails but)

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ in Goldlite

What better way to make sue you’re as glowy as poss than to spray your face with liquid gold?! Exactly. Well not quite liquid gold. But basically. MAC came out with a couple of these alternatives to fix+ and I thought they were a total novelty, until I had £20 to spend on a MAC gift card and was feeling a bit bouje. It’s the same as the usual Mac Fix+ Setting Spray, but with gold shimmer through it. It’s not sparkly and isn’t as OTT as it might sound, but it does leave a really subtle golden finish. I absolutely love this and have barely used my Urban Decay All Nighter (I am not turning my back on you baby, promise) since using it because I’m obsessed with the radiant finish.

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