The Reading List #1


At the end of last year, I made it a goal to do more reading. Like a lot of us, when I was younger I was a really avid reader. I would go through multiple books in a week, sometimes getting through a novel in a day or two if I really loved it. In my last few years of high school, I really made no time for my much-loved past-time, I had more interesting things to do like talk to the boy I fancied on Facebook or try to become Tumblr famous TBH. I have made a point of finding the time to sit down and delve into the pages of a book the last few months and I am so glad I pushed myself back into the habit. I forgot what it was like to sit down and then you look up 400 pages later and realise you were totally lost in another world altogether, and the melancholy feeling when you finish a book and realise that the story is over and the plot and characters are no longer part of your life.

I've fallen back in love with reading and I wanted to get into the habit of sharing what I have lost myself in on here and after asking on Twitter, it seemed like there were quite a few of you that would be keen to get some book recommendations! I'm going to aim to do these posts once every few months or so. There may be quite a variance in genres (like in this post...) but I do hope that you come across something that you think you can lose yourself to for a few hours.

(And don't worry, there are no spoilers!)


Disclaimer by Renee Knight

'Disclaimer' is a thriller about a woman who receives a book through her letterbox, as she delves into reading it she finds that the book is actually about an incident in her life from decades ago. It reminded me of Gone Girl in the way that the narration chops between the woman, and a man who you don't really know much about until further into the book. This book was incredible. I'm so glad it was the first book I read whilst trying to get back into the habit because I could not stop reading it. There are so many plot twists but it is done in such a clever way that you go from hating the main protagonist, to loving her and so on. It has one of those endings that leaves you questioning everything you read in the entire book and it's great. 

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

Sticking with the thriller theme (I think I have a new favourite genre btw), The Couple Next Door is about a couple who are at a dinner party next door and leave their child unattended. When they go home, they find that the baby is missing. The police are called, and the entire book is about the search for the child, the truth about what happened and the secrets that unravel. Again, the narration chops between the mother, the father, and for short occasions a few other characters (a detective and a father-in-law). I didn't know who to trust for the entire book. Again, the book gives you just enough knowledge and then one bit of information just changes your whole perception of what the hell is going on. And just as you think you get it all, the last few pages will probably make you want to go and lie in a dark room somewhere.


#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso


If you watched this on Netflix and hated it as I know a lot of people did (I actually loved it but that's beside the point), please do not discount the book as the whole premise is entirely different. Written by the founder of Nasty Gal it tells the story of her building her business, from being a young woman with a bad attitude and a penchant for shoplifting, she builds an empire and details all her successes and pitfalls in this book. It is scattered with advice, and you feel like she is actually speaking to you. I found this such an inspiring read and some of her pearls of wisdom have definitely stuck with me since reading (god knows I have repeated 'money looks good on your feet, but better in the bank' so many times). This is such motivational read a must-read for bloggers! 

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

I picked this up in a charity shop for pennies on a total whim, purely because it said Vogue on it. This is written by the ex-editor of Vogue Australia and is a tell-all book about her rise to the top from practical skivvy, to being sought after by the most respected names in fashion journalism. It is frankly honest (probably too honest, I imagine there were some unhappy people after reading it!) and gives the most incredible insight into a fascinating industry. Think Devil Wears Prada, but worse. So much worse. This is definitely a must-read for any fashion lover or blogger and maybe I was under a rock, but I am so surprised this has not had more attention.

A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawkings

This was a total wildcard purchase and I don't even know what instigated it, but I am so glad I purchased this. I was a bit of a geek back in the day and was obsessed with all things to do with space growing up. I grew out it, but I'm still so fascinated by the universe, and even just imagining the things that do and could exist out there blows my mind every time I look at the stars. This book essentially gives you a little handbook to the universe and has a lot of theories about the concept of time, the existence of black holes and where it's all going in the end. If you're looking for something a bit meatier to read and have any sort of interest in the world around you, I'd definitely suggest picking this up. Parts can be hard to digest and you do find yourself reading bits over and over again, but it's definitely worth the time investment.

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