5 Reasons Why I Unfollowed You On Twitter


You constantly retweet yourself.

This shouldn't annoy me as much as it should but it bloody does. Fair enough retweeting a blog promo tweet or a competition or something like that. But when you're retweeting yourself cos you think your tweet was hilarious it's like in school when someone tried to be funny but it wasn't so they just kept repeating themselves until someone heard and laughed (granted this was probably me on occasion and still is but ya know).

You set up a gofundme for something you really don't need.

I think charitable crowdfunding is one of the many amazing things about the power of the internet and we have all seen situations where people have raised money for people to have medical treatment or equipment. This is definitely a case by case situation but for a little while there we saw an influx in the number of people asking their followers, and their follower's followers to dig into their pocket and throw some money in the jar. You want me to donate to your tattoo fund? Lol, no honey.

You don't tweet anymore.

This one is a little obvious but it is probably one of the more common ones. I've had my Twitter account since 2015 and I have seen plenty bloggers come and go as well as brands on Twitter. I do use an app that shows accounts that haven't tweeted in a few months and if I keep seeing your name there then eventually I do hit the unfollow button, because what's the point?

Every time I see your name, you're complaining or bitching.

I never used to do this, admittedly I used to stay tuned for the drama but nowadays I just can't be bothered going on with my timeline and seeing constant moans and aggravators. I'm not the type to say that we all have to be glowing rays of positivity sunshine but it's when people constantly have something to say about what other people are doing or commenting on situations that require no comment, I just can't be arsed seeing it, to be frank.

Your handle or name has weird fonts in it...

Lol this is petty and weird but you know when you see peoples handle or name on Twitter and it looks like an MSN status from 10 years ago? I'm probably going to unfollow you because a) it's ugly and b) I feel like I'm back in 1st year everytime I see it. I'm half expecting you to start tweeting lyrics from 'airplanes'.

So there's just a couple of things that make me hit the dreaded unfollow button on Twitter! Do you agree? What makes you unfollow someone?


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