My Favourite New First Cleanse


I have to admit the past couple of months I have been so bad at keeping up an evening cleansing routine! I just can't be bothered standing at the bathroom sink for 20 minutes in the evening when my bed is looking a lot comfier. That said, I have been trying to get out of my skincare slump and what better excuse to raid the aisles of Superdrug for a new cleanser? My skin is by type very dry and I also suffer from breakouts and blackheads so I wanted to try and get a first step cleanser for removing makeup that was really going to nourish my skin and do the best possible job of getting every spec of dirt off my face.

After pouring over reviews and searching for Caroline Hirons gospel truths far and wide across the internet, I decided to go for something of a balm of gel like formula. I decided to pick up the B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser (£6.99 for 125ml).

b clean melting gel cleanser As soon as I used this I knew I had a new favourite skincare staple! You put this on your hands and then just start to rub it over your face and your makeup. It's a bit of a strange sensation at first because it starts off at such a thick consistency so you just kind of feel like you're smearing stuff over yourself. After a few seconds, it starts to melt into an oil like consistency and your make up literally falls off. After massaging my face with it for a few minutes I then take the rest off with a muslin cloth and there's not a dot of makeup left on my face!

I have been using this every night as a first cleanse and love how nourished and just clean my skin feels after using it. I think this is going to stay a firm favourite as the months start to get colder.

Although they are different, I would say this product is quite comparable to the cleansing balms that Clinique and The Body Shop too in terms of what the product is like after it has melted to give you an idea of the consistency!

I would really recommend this to anyone with dry skin looking for a new cleanser or just anyone looking for a good product for removing your makeup. 


 Allanah xxx