March Favourites 2017 Beauty & Fashion Ft. MAC, Revolution & Steve Madden

Hi, lovelies!

I know we say this every single month of every single year, but where is 2017 actually going? Not only has March brought us a new Ed Sheeran album and our first sights of sunshine, but I have also found myself with a brand new blog that you are reading now. You can click this link to read all about my drama with my original one...

Apart from that, March has been a fairly uneventful month. I have really just been working and trying to get this blog up and running which, thankfully, it now is! Keep reading this post to find out about my beauty and fashion march favourites.



SHOCK HORROR. Until a few weeks ago I always steered clear of the 'ripped and distressed' look. I could never really find a pair that would sit right on me in terms of where the rips were. Recently, I have started to see more pairs with rips at the knees as well as the thigh which I am totally digging. I picked up this pair for bloody £13 in Primark(!!!) at the start of the month and I am obsessed with them.


I bought these at the end of Summer last year, got to wear them like twice and have since been DYING to whip them out again. These are amazing as you can wear them with blue, ripped jeans during the day for an amazing street style look. OR they can be worn with a dress or skirt for nights out. SO versatile and they were a total bargain in TK Maxx last year.


I went from owning 0 chokers to 8 in the space of roughly a week. I so didn't want to give in to the trend but they're just so easy and make so many outfits look more put together so they just had to make it into my march favourites. THANK YOU 90s.



It's not just me that feels like they have their life that slight bit more together when I have a MAC lipstick on, is it?

I picked up 'Kinda Sexy' at the start of the month and I can't get enough of it. I am really liking nude-beige toned lipsticks at the moment. This is just a really lovely everyday matte shade which makes a change from just slapping on a pink colour every day and being done with it.


I have owned this since last year but it was one of those purchases I made and then totally forgot it existed. I started using this mainly because the highlighter in it caught my eye one morning. IT IS BLOODY GORGEOUS. It has an almost pink frost to it and I have been using this every day as it is slightly more subtle than the more gold or silver based highlighters I have. It has been fun experimenting with the different blushers as I'm pretty sure I have been wearing NARS 'Deep Throat' every day for about 3 years. Trust me, this is not an exaggeration.


I went with my friend when she was buying this a few weeks ago and the lady at the counter gave me a 10-day sample and I immediately went and purchased it when it was done. I am blessed (or not so blessed) with ridiculously pale Scottish skin and have always struggled to get a foundation as bloody white as I am. This in the shade 'Buff' is the best thing that has ever happened to my face. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has problems with their makeup lasting throughout the day, or any pale girls who struggle with foundations not matching them.

Tell me in the comments what your march favourites have been!




Allanah xxx