6 Things I've learnt Since Working Full Time Straight Out Of School


working full time I went into working in an office environment for a recruitment agency a few months after my final year of High School. I've worked there for 1 year and 6 months now. I've learnt a (probably a tiny fraction) of what there is to know about working life, but I have learnt a few things. Some through fault (a lot through fault lol) and some through other people and observation and stufffff. I thought I would write about it anyway, so here you go.

The best way to diffuse a situation is to offer everyone a cup of tea.

This is probably a scientifically proven fact I would imagine. Like honestly when things start getting a bit tense, people are having breakdowns about spreadsheet columns and:

Like honestly when things start getting a bit tense, people are having breakdowns about spreadsheet columns and:

"Why do we file this-this way and not that way? -*ensues chaos*

Allll you have to do is say "shall I boil the kettle?", and not only do you get to leave the room to boil said kettle but guarantee everyone will stop moaning about stationary and excel when they're drinking their tea. Office lifehack right there.

It's easier just to be nice (99% of the time).

Ok on a slightly more serious note, this was learnt through (I mean you could argue very slight) fault of my own. You are never going to like everyone, it's just not possible but you don't have to act any differently towards people you don't like than you do like (and if anyone in my office ever reads this promise it isn't about any of you xo).

It will make your life much easier if you just pretend to get along with them, no one is asking you to go to the cinema holding hands and then share a McFlurry after but yeno, just be cool.

(But sometimes there are 1% of occasions and people when you got to let the bitch loose but I personally would never xxx)

Listening is the best skill you can work on.

Especially when you work in a role where you are dealing with people. If you listen to somebody, and I mean really listen not just sit and think about what you're going to say next but really just focus on what they are saying, you will pick up on so much more than you think.

I very much need to work on this lol. I talk. Far too much. But I am trying to shut up more when required. But it is not easy, let me tell ya.

working full time

They were telling you the truth when they told you school would be easiest days of your life.


But omg what I would give to be back in school, sitting at the back of the class just cruising by with my friends, and getting away with absolute murder. It is also true that no one will ever help you as much as your teachers after school. If you're in a real job, no one is going to remind you and nag you about that project that's due or the exam that's coming up, it just expected to be done and hell bloody mend you if you 'forgot' or 'left it at home'. None of that, pal.

You will have a very love/hate relationship with your colleagues.

Yeah you like them as people and you respect them and it's all great but OMG the way they chew their pencil for 4 hours of the day. Or the way the whistle the same repeated tune over and over again leaving it stuck in your head for a week. Or the way they tap their foot against the table leg or constantly moan about how they are hungry (ME). You will hate them for probably at least 5% of your day on a good day. No love lost but it would be even weirder if they didn't do your head in after spending near enough 40 hours a week together...

Spreadsheets are bloody great.

I know I slagged them a bit earlier, and you probably think 'what the hell, how boring is her life'. NAH. I was once like you, unawakened to the ways of excel but you can organise literally anything on a spreadsheet. Timetables, to do lists, calendars, AND I organise my blog with a spreadsheet so it's diverse.

You don't get it now, but you will.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments whatever little lessons you have learnt about the world of work!

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 Allanah xxx