14 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series You Need To Watch*


I am a total, self-confessed, box-set whore. I have about 5 on the go at any one time, I definitely don't tell them all about each other and sometimes I just don't know where my loyalty truly lies. And ya know, it's a bit hard not to be these days. We have a library of viewing at our fingertips at any time, and we can basically watch whatever we want with the tap of a button. But, we're inherently lazy, aren't we? And sometimes the sheer abundance of choice can just be a bit overwhelming and we end up watching Gossip Girl 4 times in a row. I've been wanting to share my favourite watches on the blog for a while now, so when I received an e-mail about the latest smart tv panasonic release, I knew it would be a great chance to talk all things Netflix! So without further ado, here are the things you need to get watching ASAP:

The Crown

The Crown is a Netflix drama centred around the younger lives of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip et al. The first main plot is the passing of King George and in turn Elizabeth accepting that she will become Queen. I started watching this at Christmas-time on a total whim, but I fell in love with the story and the characters. There have been 2 series so far, and they are about to do a re-cast to tell the story of the later years of their life up until the present. I'm not sure how entirely accurate it actually is considering the characters are still alive, but they claim it is and it makes for very good watching none-the-less.

The Office US

Ok if you take one thing from reading this blog post, make it this. The US Office is probably the funniest show in the entire history of TV. IMO anyway. It is the only show that has me actually cracking up laughing at it. It is just about the employees of a paper company called Dunder-Mifflin. Steve Carrell plays the funniest, easy-to-love boss and you will become obsessed with Pam and Jim who are like, totally meant to be. There are also 9 WHOLE seasons, so if you do decide you love it, you have plenty to keep you entertained.

(I'm also cheating because you cannot get this on UK Netflix anymore I promise it's easy to find on google and if you can't then HIT ME UP)


Girlboss tells the story of the founder of Nasty Gal and her rise to building her multi-million dollar fashion empire. I found this to be an incredibly charming and motivating story and the main character, Sophia Amoruso, is incredibly relatable and likeable. As a blogger, there's something really inspiring about watching the story of someone create something from nothing from the comfort of their bedroom, and with nothing but hard work, so I'd definitely recommend this to all the bloggers and hard-workers out there looking for a bit of motivation.

Black Mirror

If you haven't heard of Black Mirror, then basically, where have you been? There have been 4 series now, and each episode is a self-contained story set in a utopian/dystopian future. Every episode is telling a story of how technological advances can go wrong and become complicated. Some episodes are much better than others, but most will leave you feeling like you need to lie down for 10 minutes after it. But whatever you do, don't start with series 1 episode 1, believe me.


I've been watching Suits for years and I'm obsessed with the story and the characters. If you have never seen it, it is the story of Mike Ross who basically becomes a lawyer without a law degree. It features the suavest characters you will probably ever witness in a TV show, and I definitely want Donnas brain and Harveys' charm.

Louis Theroux

Netflix has quite a few different Louis Theroux documentaries and I don't think I have ever seen one not worth watching. He is possibly one of my favourite documentary producers to watch, and the way he gets up close and personal with some of the most sensitive subjects and arguably some of the scariest people is incredible. He has done a lot of things looking at crime in America, as well as mental health treatment and other topical things.

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder is about Annalise Keating who teaches law at a college in America, but of course, with any TV show, it's not that straightforward. Every year she chooses students who get to help her on real cases and this show tells of when it went wrong and the underlying secrets and lies that have been hidden. There are so many plot twists in this, and the first series is the most gripping thing ever. Definitely, worth a watch.


Scandal is about Olivia Pope and her team of 'PR Superstars' that save politicians/people of public interest from, well, scandal. OH and her affair with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES just makes it all that more interesting. I ship it. The first lady does not.

Gavin & Stacey

I love this show with all my heart and it is British humour at it's absolute finest. If you have never witnessed the greatness that is Gavin & Stacey, then it's about a couple that gets together after meeting through the phone in work. They bring their Welsh and English families together and it's just bloody hilarious for the entire 3 series.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Arguably Will Smiths crowning glory and an absolute classic of a TV series. This is such an easy watch and something I love to stick on when I just want something on in the background or something for the hangy days when your brain isn't all that up to taking in plots and what not!


I shouldn't need to explain this one but if you haven't watched Friends yet then WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING SINCE JANUARY?! Watching the group of twenty-thirty something New Yorkers will have you dreaming of living in an apartment block with your best friends and the 90's fashion is to die for. Also, Chandler is definitely the best character. Discuss.

The Killing

I watched The Killing last year and became obsessed with it. It is about a detective and her partner in a fairly small town who are initially investigating the disappearance of a young girl. The detectives are both incredibly complicated characters with a lot of history and secrets. The actual plot is very clever and you will not be able to tell what's coming.

Hells Kitchen

If you fancy watching Gordon Ramsay shout at some people for a while then this will be right up your street. Hells Kitchen is a reality show that pits professional chefs against each other and it makes for much more entertaining watching than you'd think. Think Bake Off on steroids.

Doctor Foster

BBC dramas have seriously been upping their game the past year or so, and they have come out with some really gripping series'. Doctor Foster was probably the most notable of these, and it even made it to Netflix. It's about a doctor who finds out her husband and the father of her child is having an affair, and it's all about how she deals with this and eventually gets her revenge. It is such a good watch and you'll definitely not be able to watch just one episode.

I'd love to hear in the comments below what you have loved watching on Netflix!


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