6 Ways To Grow Your Blog with Twitter


Twitter is by far my favourite social media platform (read my post all about why I hit the unfollow button sometimes...). Not only that - but it has also become an almost extension of my blog and has brought me opportunities and visitors that I would never have had otherwise. I wanted to share with you all a few of the ways I have utilised Twitter to grow my blog and hopefully, you will be able to use a few in your own Twitter strategy. I do think it's so important that you think of your Twitter following as a community to be grown, and not a number to be inflated. It's all very well having thousands of followers, and yeah, it looks great, but it's not going to get you very far if that audience isn't interested in you or anything you have to say. Hopefully, the advice below will help you grow your Twitter account in an organic way that actually helps your blog too.

1. Schedule promo tweets.

Scheduling promo tweets is the number one way that I drive traffic to my blog, Google Analytics tells me that odds are, that's where you came from too. I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets, and will do around 11 a day when I'm being consistent with it. That probably sounds like a lot, and you may feel pushy doing it, but it's important to remember that your followers won't be active all day long and will probably miss most of them anyway, so by spreading them throughout the day you're giving more people a chance to see them. And if you're worried, I've done it for years and no one has complained (to my face, anyways).

As a general rule, I'd say tweets your post in the morning generally get more clicks, also insert images to your tweets so they're more eye-catching on peoples timelines, and make use of RT accounts. These are accounts that RT tweets with a certain hashtag, and they generally have audiences in the thousands. My favourites are @femalebloggerRT, #GRLPOWR, #BloggersTribe, #bloggerbees. 

You don't just need to share your latest blog posts either, you'd be surprised at the traction a blog post from a year ago can gain with just one tweet. You can also use this as a chance to remind people to follow you on Instagram or Pinterest too.

2. Actually be active.

Now there's no point going scheduling 10 linky tweets a day if you're not going to actually put your own natural voice out there too. This sounds obvious but the easiest way to make people aware of you and make them interested in what you have to say is to be there and to say things.

Throw your opinion in if something topical happens in the blogging community or the community of whatever niche you choose to sit in. (but don't be a drama whore*). If there's a new beauty launch and you're a beauty blogger then let people know what you think of it, if you're a food blogger and a new restaurant opens up near you then tweet about it.

*drama whore - a twitter user, possibly a blogger, that jumps on every single drama in the blogosphere in an attempt to make themselves relevant, when really they just become really f*cking annoying.

3. Take part in blog chats.

I definitely need to make more time for these and I really miss taking part in as many as I did last year! Blog chats, if you're new to the idea, are when bloggers 'meet' under a certain hashtag at a certain time, usually ran by a larger Twitter account. They are hosted by an account, and that account will ask questions that everyone answers using the hashtag. You would be really surprised at how well conversations can flow on these, and you can get some really interesting discussions, viewpoints and tips from them.

At the end of the chat (usually an hour long), people swap links and you can give any new bloggers you have found a follow and they generally return the favour.

A few of my favourites in the past have been the #GRLPOWR chat (Tues & Sun/ 9pm) and The Blogosphere chat (Sundays / 9pm). 

twitter blog grow followers

4. Make yourself 'easily found'.

By that I don't mean stick your address in your bio and wait for your fans to appear.

Whenever a PR has reached out to me and I have asked where they came across my blog, they generally always say from Twitter. It's important to have keywords in your bio that makes you easily searchable for PR and brands looking for bloggers to work with - your location, your niche, and of course the word blogger. So if a PR is looking for a beauty blogger in Glasgow on Twitter, my profile will probably come up. This is really simple but eventually it will bring opportunities your way.

5. Reach out to brands.

And of course you don't need to sit and wait for the opportunities to come to you, Twitter is an effective place to start making the leap into reaching out to brands. Not only do you have contact with hundreds and thousands of small and large businesses alike, but you already have a profile available that showcases your work and your personality. You can keep an eye on the #bloggerswanted where brands and PRs will often put opportunities. If you can, have a quick check of this a couple of times a day just to stay on top of it at it can get busy quite quickly and it can be spammed with blog posts too, you just have to look out for the gold!

I have on a few occasions sent a DM to (mainly small) businesses that I adore the look of, or that I have seen work with other bloggers and I think would also fit well into my own content. I promise you this isn't as scary as it sounds and it's mainly about stopping over thinking and just biting the bullet and hitting send. I could probably do a full post on this but there are loads of amazing resources available if you want to learn a bit more - Beth Louise has a brilliant post that you should check out!

6. Interact with other bloggers.

You're trying to grow a community that trusts you and buys into your brand, and the best way to do this is to speak to your audience, get to know them and what they like, and you, in turn, learn more about what they want to read about. No one likes the guy on Twitter that never responds to anyone because they think they're too important, and people do notice, so just don't be a dick basically. I heard in a podcast lately something that described this really well, basically 'you're not there to collect fans, you're there to grow a community'.

And if you see a tweet that you have something to say about, whether it made you laugh or whatever, then reply and tell the person! It will mean more to them than you think.


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