L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Range: A Bittersweet Experience


It seems L'oreal have been trying to cause quite the impact on the drugstore skincare front, and it seems to be working! It's been impossible to avoid hearing about their new ranges so naturally, I thought I would contribute to the masses and share my thoughts on both products from the Detox part of their new clay ranges as I had quite an interesting experience with the range. If you have been living under a beauty rock and haven't seen the new releases then here's a little background for you. L'oreal has released a 'Pure Clay' range with 3 different product lines targetted at different skin concerns so we have; detox, purity and glow. I picked up detox to try and tackle my grumpy, spotty skin.

The Face Wash

The first product I tried was the face wash, I actually picked it up thinking it was the face mask in different packaging than I'd seen online which is a testimony to how frivolous I get in Boots because I must not have even read the packaging, my baaaad. Anyways.

Now straight up, I really wanted to love everything about this range but I really didn't get along with this face wash. I found the smell to be quite fake and chemically and I just didn't really love using it. After weeks of persisting with it, I actually started to get really dry and flaky skin on my eyelids and on my chin. I stopped using it, and the agitated skin went away after a few days of avoiding make-up, cleaning my face with just water and going to sleep in a mask of Sudocrem. I do have quite sensitive skin so I think this wash was just a bit too harsh for certain parts of my face.

The Face Mask

Now, this is a very bittersweet review as although I didn't love the face wash from the L'oreal Clay Detox range I have totally fallen in love with the face mask and it has become a really big part of my skin care routine. I have been putting solely this where I have breakouts and some stubborn acne every night or every other night and the results have been incredible. I have had these red dots on my cheeks for literally years now and nothing had budged them (I'm pretty sure it's acne), but since I have been using this they are finally starting to subside. I couldn't recommend this more to someone that has blemished skin or has an acne problem.

The Verdict

While the face wash didn't really work for me I have spoken to a lot of girls on Instagram that have had no problems with it, but also some that experienced the same problem as me so if you have particularly sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend it. As for the face mask, you should definitely pick this up if you are after something that is going to clear out your skin and help with any blemishes and breakouts!

Have you tried any of L'oreals new releases yet? Let me know in the comments what you thought of them!

The mask can be picked up at Superdrug for just £5 and the face wash for just £3.95.



Allanah xxx



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