June 2017: Let's Talk Blogging, Beauty & Life


Hello lovelies! I have been trying to find a format for these monthly round-up posts that suits my blog a bit more rather than just talking about the products I've loved so I hope you don't mind the chattier type posts that I'm planning on doing.

Let's Talk Blogging

Since I started blogging again, I have seen growth every month and this something I am really proud of! I have been really trying to up the quality of my blog posts as well as my social media accounts this month and I think it is paying off (I've managed to double my Instagram followers and my 2,000 followers on Twitter goal is looking a bit more achievable too!).

In July I'm going to try and tackle getting to grips with Pinterest... I have seen so many bloggers talk about the ridiculous traffic from it and I think I'm seriously missing a trick there! If any of you have any tips at all on using Pinterest I would love to hear them as I'm a bit clueless as to where to start.

Let's Talk Beauty

I've discovered a few new favourites this month, and I'm particularly loving a few of the skincare bits I've been trying out this month! I have been trying the Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Oil - this was recommended to me by a few girls during a Twitter chat and I'm really loving it! It's a total bargain and my skin looks really refreshed the next morning after using this. I've also started using the L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask which has been a total saviour for my acne - I have done a full post on the Clay Detox Range you can read here if you are interested!

As for make-up, the only new bit that I have really fallen in love with is the new Rimmel Instafix Translucent Powder. This is actually the first translucent powder I have used and I have been loving it using it throughout the day, especially in the clammy weather which does not do my forehead any favours(!).

Now call me tacksville if you want but I've developed an affliction for fake nails and hoop earrings this month, which does not resemble Vicky Pollard as much as you may think. I've been wearing the Primark Almond Glue-On Nails pretty much all month (each set has lasted me at least a week!) and I think they're so great for the price. As for the hoop earrings, I don't even know where this has come from. Probably Love Island. But it's totally acceptable and we don't judge here xo


Let's Talk Life

I thought I didn't have anything to talk about for this but I did kind of make a bit of a monumental life decision. Sort of. I'm going to be starting a Business Management degree through The Open University this October! I have really wanted to continue my education but I didn't want to give up my job and this really suits my needs. I'm slightly shitting myself about balancing full-time work, a degree AND blogging but I'm sure with a bit of organisation I will survive! I will definitely be doing some blog posts on my experiences not only with the OU but also on staying organised as it's something I'm going to have to perfect!

On a much more trivial note I am one of the masses that is absolutely obsessed with Love Island, if you follow me on Twitter you will know it has slightly taken over my life again.  To the extent that it just didn't feel right doing a monthly roundup post and not mentioning it. If anyone knows what a life is and where to find one I would appreciate it if you let me know in the comments because clearly, I need one!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different end-of-the-month post, I really enjoyed writing it and talking a bit more generally so I think I'm going to continue with these! 

Let me know in the comments what you have been up to this month, or if you have a monthly favourites post let me know and I will check it out!




Allanah xxx