Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation 10 Day Review - Is It Worth The Hype?

estee lauder doublewearFor a beauty blogger, I am actually pretty fickle when it comes to splashing out the cash on cosmetics. Like, I would much rather spend £30 on a top that people can see than a foundation that I thought was pointless because surely it just looks the same as any other foundation?

The only only experience with a high-end foundation up until now was the Mac Studio Fix, which let's face it you may as well just smear some oxidised Victoria Sponge on your face because it's essentially the same effect.

When I went in to House of Fraser with my friend when she picked up the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I jumped at the chance to try out a 10-day sample of it. I didn't have high expectations, but I was excited to finally try out the hype for myself.

What did I think of it?

First off, the sample size was amazing. The little tub was filled all the way to the top, it would have spilled everywhere if I hadn't been careful and Linda would NOT have been happy. I really didn't expect it to last me 10 days, but it lasted me two full work weeks (10 days on the dot!).

I used a beauty blender sprayed with fixing spray to apply this, you really don't need a lot of product to get a nice base and if you do want totally full coverage, then it is very build-able.

The two things that impressed me the most with this product was the staying power and the shade.

I am really pale so I always struggle to find a pale foundation that doesn't oxidise during the day. I am not even exaggerating here but I have never found a foundation that has matched me as well as 'Buff' did. It matched the tone of my neck perfectly and there wasn't a hint of orange to it.

Not only that, but it lasted all day without a problem. Normally by the time it gets to 2pm I look in the mirror in work and everything is starting to look a little crap. With this the coverage lasted all day, and I definitely didn't get as much of a fright as usual when I got home and looked in the mirror.

A drugstore alternative?

If you are looking for a foundation like this, but don't want to splash out (aka if you are anything like me) then I would definitely vouch for Revlon Colourstay being really similar to this. The shade range is pretty much match for match and the finish is incredibly similar, the main thing that Estee Lauder trumps on is the staying power here.

So do I get the hype now? TOTALLY. Do I regret not trying it sooner? 100%. If you haven't tried out this foundation yet I would definitely suggest giving it a try especially now that you can go to a counter and ask for the 10-day sample - what have you got to lose?


 Allanah xxx