Collection Lasting Perfection Green Concealer: Fave Drugstore Release Of 2017 So Far?!

collection lasting perfection green concealer

The New Release

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer has been my ride or die, go-to for year (I currently have 1 in use and 3 back ups just to emphasise the point)... I was so excited when I started to see the colour correcting versions pop up on various blogs and instagrams over the past while in the build up to the release of the colour correction range by Collection.

They have now released the range that consists of 3 individual wand concealers in the shades; green, lilac and yellow as well as a palette that contains all the shades in and a 'Primed & Ready' concealer. The individual wands cost £4.19 each and the mini palette retails for £4.99.

I am super pale and have quite a lot of underlying redness as well as blemishes on my face so I was really excited about the green shade which is for cancelling out redness. I have tried colour correcting before with the Freedom Colour Correcting palette and really enjoyed it, but found that it took a lot of product to actually counteract any discolouration

The Verdict

I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Green a couple of weeks ago now and I am totally obsessed with it. The formula really is match for match with the regular concealer so it is so easy to blend and work with. It's so quick and easy to just dot on and blend out with either a Beauty Blender or I have also been using the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques.

"One of my favourite drugstore releases of 2017"

I find using a green concealer before applying foundation makes such a difference to my make up My foundation looks a lot more seamless across my whole face and I don't have to work quite as hard with my regular concealer to cover up any redness from spots.

This is easily one of my favourite drugstore releases of 2017 so far (although top spot still goes to the L'oreal Infallible Total Cover foundation...) and I have been loving using this as part of my everyday make up routine.

Check out the Collection Lasting Perfection Green Concealer here!


Allanah xxx