BeGlow Tia Sonic Facial Cleanser*


If there is one trend that has become more and more prevalent in skincare aside from charcoal and superfoods, it's sonic cleansing. The OG brand that YouTube and beauty bloggers fell in love with was Clarisonic and since then a lot of luxury, as well as budget brands, have been getting in on the action.

What is a 'sonic cleanser?'

A sonic cleanser is an electronic skincare device that cleanses your skin by sending pulsating vibrations through a brush head. It essentially pushes 100's of tiny movements through your skin and the idea is it cleanses deeper into your skin, exfoliates more effectively and generally leaves your skin cleaner.

When BeGlow got in touch with me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to try out their brand new Tia Sonic Skin Care System, I was over the moon. I have always wanted to try out a cleansing device, but I have always been hesitant to make the investment out of fear of not getting the results I would expect for such a price tag.

BeGlow Tia Cleansing System

I have been using the device since the start of May now - so around 8 weeks by the time of this post. It was important to me to test this for a substantial period before talking about it here as I really wanted to give it a chance to see the results - if there were going to be any at all.

The BeGlow Tia Cleanser is a 3-in-1 cleansing system that helps you cleanse, lift and tone your face. It uses SkinSense technology so the vibrations respond to your own face, and adjust from between 4500 times per minute to 8500 times per minute depending on the needs of your skin. Because of this, you are able to use the device both morning and night unlike a lot of other similar products.

The 2nd thing unique to this brand is the titanium anti-ageing applicator on the other side. It transmits a 200Hz frequency that improves blood circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption. This helps your skin absorb product deeper into the skin.

And the 3rd feature is a rather interesting one - it essentially allows you to do a HIIT workout on your face! When you turn the device around and place the curved back around your jawline and cheekbones, it omits dual pulses that range between strong and weak. Exercising these muscles allow them to tone up and over time the idea is it makes your face more defined.

beglow tia cleansing cleanser device sonic

My experience with the BeGlow Tia Cleansing Device

On first impressions when I received the product, it came packaged in a lovely little box that when I opened it, I found there were tissue and ribbon inside. This gave it a really luxurious feel when I opened it, and I don't think that could have been done any better from the brands' point of view. It came charged up, and I only had to charge it for the first time last week.

As I started to use the product over a week or so, I found that I really enjoyed that part of my skincare routine. Results aside, it is genuinely a really relaxing and satisfying feeling using a device like this, and you come away from it with a squeaky clean feeling that analogue cleansing (yes I just said that) does not give you. We going DIGITAL, girl.

(It's probably worth noting for all you sensitive skin sallys' out there much like myself, that my skin did not react to using this at all. I remember using a Clearasil handheld cleanser yonks and yonks ago and it made my skin dry out like hell, but this did not happy thank the lordy lord.)

After a few weeks, I started to notice a slight difference in the general appearance of my skin. It generally looked smoother and brighter, and I noticed that whilst I still had congestion around my nose, it was diminishing slightly. The most surprising result for me was the impact it had on my acne scarring. I had really stubborn acne on my cheek for years that just kept coming back and inevitably resulted in slight scarring. Since I have been using this, the raised bumps I had are much less noticeable and it all just looks a bit more blurred? I didn't expect it to have any impact on this area as I have struggled with it for years, but since using the BeGlow Tia cleanser it is subsiding for the first time in genuinely 4 years.

8 weeks in, and I am in love with this addition to my skincare routine. I wish I had looked at sonic cleansing earlier as it is tackling skin concerns I had given up with. Whilst it does take a good while to see results, I'm continuing to see them and I can't see me dropping this device from my routine anytime soon.

One thing I have noticed is that when the battery starts to run out, it will just switch on randomly, which is actually quite funny when you're staying at your friends and your Mum calls you about the weird vibrating noise coming from your bedroom drawer. Great comedy value that.

The BeGlow Tia Cleanser is currently retailing for £199 on Look Fantastic - but if you're just after the sonic cleansing features and anti-ageing and contouring isn't something you are majorly concerned about they also have their Mia cleaner which just has the silicone sonic cleansing features and retails for a more budget-friendly £109. It obviously goes without saying this is an investment in your skin, but I personally feel it's totally worth it, especially for the impact it had on my acne scarring. It essentially 'powers up' your other skincare products too, so it may just be the investment that's right for you.

Have you tried our any products similar to this? I'd love to hear your experiences in the comments below. Or maybe you had a bad experience with a device like this? Let's get chatting!