August 2017: Selfie Disasters, Autumn Excitement and Blogmas

Hey lovelies!

It's been a while since I've done a sit-down, rambling post! I've been a bit MIA here the past few weeks as I am currently cameraless due to what I like to call, the great selfie incident of August. Turns out kitchen counters are great for getting good angles, not so great when you drop your phone from 2 foot in the air.

So until Vodafone give me my life back, I will be doing my best to get posts up when I can't bring myself to post crappy photos or stock images. So bare with me babes.

Although I haven't got anywhere near the amount of content up that I had planned, I've somehow managed to have my best month ever in terms of blog stats. I logged in to Google Analytics today and I swear I got all overwhelmed and emotional. Let's pretend it's hormones and not my ice heart thawing. Jk.

In other news, IT'S NEARLY AUTUMN!!! This fills me with much excitement and I cannot wait to drink my body weight in Pumpkin Spice Lattes and do other stereotypical but simply marvelous this. Autumn/Winter is definitely the best time of year for all things blogging. Everyones content is always so amazing, and I think I've been ready for A/W fashion since June.

At the moment I am planning on doing Blogtober and Blogmas...I may possibly regret putting that in writing but it's out there now, so that is some sort of degree of commitment I suppose. I am starting uni in October too so I may spontaneously combust due to workload but hey-ho.

I was going to talk about beauty favourites in this post but I think I'll save that for when I'm back up and blogging properly and do a big roundup of all the things I've been using lately.

Anyway I'm going to shut up now because frankly, this is a bit of a 'nothing' post, but just wanted to say hi and check in x




Allanah xxx