Saving Money For Beauty Addicts

Being obsessed with all things beauty is a very expensive past time (arguably an unnecessary one, but that's beside the point). There is a lot of pressure - particularly on bloggers - to be keeping up with the latest trends and fads in this incredibly fast paced industry. Oval brushes and a silicone sponge anyone?

Now I'm not complaining. I absolutely love being engrossed in the world of all things pretty and sparkly but my god does my bank balance suffer for it.  I used to have a ridiculous MAC collection (not 2009 Youtube ridiculous, but what 15-year-old needs 17 MAC lipsticks?!) and it was a total waste. I loved to splurge, I loved to walk out of John Lewis, Debenhams or House of Fraser holding that little pretty bag clutching on to whatever pigmented goods I'd just bought. I frankly had no clue how to use half of it and it definitely was not within my budget, but bloody hell did it make me happy. Over the years I have developed a (slightly more) common sense approach to making purchases and shopping and I thought I would share a few ways that I scrimp and prioritise...

1. Utilise loyalty cards and brand offers.

Probably one of the most obvious ways to save a bit of money when you're a beauty addict is to get yourself some loyalty cards, mainly the Boots Advantage Card and the Superdrug Health & Beauty Card. With the Boots card you get 4p for every £1 you spend, and with Superdrug, you get 1p for every £1. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you're the type to pop into your local Superdrug two or three times a week (guilty as charged), it all racks up! Both quite often do double or even triple points events where you can really earn you back quite a bit. Superdrug quite often gives Health & Beauty Card holders 10% off on select ranges or products which are always worth keeping an eye on too.

You should also pay attention to schemes that different brands offer; MAC, Khiels and Lush all have programmes where if you take back empty packaging you can redeem a brand new product.

2. Expand your shopping horizons

Did you know most Savers shops sell all Rimmel make up at £2/3 off retail value? Well ya do now. So the next time you need to stock up on your Wake Me Up Foundation or your favourite under eye concealer, pop in and save yourself a good few pounds! Another place that is great to go into is Watt Brothers, they actually sell a lot of MAC makeup at a really good price too.

TK Maxx is an absolute haven as well, I've seen so many amazing brands in their like Make Up Forever, Stila, Two Faced, they even have lots of Revlon palettes at the £4 mark. If you're into skincare you won't be disappointed either as they always have some of the most interesting selections! I'm always seeing Korean face masks and luxury brands like Korres heavily discounted.

3. Shop at online merchants

Whilst you won't get a lot of branded goods much cheaper on eBay and Amazon unless you want to buy used or risk buying potentially counterfeit products, but you will come across so many amazing quality independent brands. I have got some really good brushed from eBay in the past where whole sets only cost me £10 and whilst they're not up to the standard of the Mac brushes I have, they are still standing to this day and do a good job. I got an amazing brush cleaning pad for £1.85 (you can read about it here if you're interested!) and my Amazon wishlist is currently filled with beauty goodies, most under £5!

A brand I would say is worth checking out is L.A. Girl, they do an amazing concealer for less than £4 and a loose setting powder at £1 that is amazing quality. I'm planning on doing an entire post about eBay and Amazon beauty finds so keep an eye out for that!

4.Get your money back where you can.

Depop and eBay are great for selling off bits of your makeup collection when it all gets a bit unruly or you find you're just not using some of it - I mean yeah you will probably end up just spending the money you make on MORE makeup, but that's beside the point. It's helping the economy, duh.

Don't just look to your beauty collection though, I recently cleared out my cupboard and managed to find a Wii and about 20 games that I then managed to sell on Gumtree for £50! If you're a blogger you might have quite a lot of old tech lying about so even consider selling old laptops at Kwam-iT that you've since upgraded or maybe don't work.

5. Choose where you invest.

I used to think that every product I bought had to be luxurious and fresh out of House of Fraser - needless to say, I had no money for anything else in life (literally) and I was getting to try out new things as often as I would like. I realised that if you feel you want to spend money in your beauty regime then it makes sense to invest where it matters. In my opinion, I'm a lot happier investing in things like skincare, foundation, primers and setting spray more than anything else. If you're using a £1 cleanser but spending £40 on your foundation then you're just not going to get the best results out of that foundation. Your skin is your skin, so surely it makes more sense to spend money looking after it rather than just layering liquid gold over it?

6. Don't give in to the hype.

OK I'm going to say it, spending money on ridiculous shipping fees and make up that has an extra 0 slapped on to the price because of the name on the packaging is a total waste and it's not really about beauty, it's about branding. You're probably not getting something that is any better quality than something you could buy in-store for a fraction of the price. Sorry to all you lip kit obsessives, but I just don't get it. Similarly, with new types of products coming out, I'm suddenly seeing brush cleansers being pushed out by everyone that seems to be as expensive as some actual brushes themselves. Try Johnsons Baby Shampoo instead, and I promise you'll never buy that brush cleanser in the pretty packaging again.

7. Follow a need or love rule.

When you're swatching, shopping and becoming best friends with the sales assistants it's incredibly easy to become a little bedazzled by the bright lights of the makeup department. And that's not a joke, literally, they are lit, scented and laid out incredibly intrinsically all to make you spend more money. Now, this blog post is by no means a blog post telling you not to buy that Kat Von D palette because if you want it and you love it then bloody treat yourself girl.

8. Become a dupe hunter!

For every high-end lipstick or palette out there, odds are there is a drugstore dupe that will cost you a fraction of the price. Of course there will probably be some compromise in the quality or the packaging but if it is the actual 'look' you are after or you want to try a shade out before buying the real thing then a quick google will always lead you to a decent dupe!

I hope this gives you something to think about the next time you are having a little shop, please do share any tips you have for saving some pennies on beauty purchases in the comments I would love to hear them! 




Allanah xxx