Transform Your Sponge & Brush Cleaning For £1.85!

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Hi lovelies!

Now we all know that probably the biggest chore that comes with being a beauty addict is the dreaded cleaning of the make up brushes and sponges. Eeeek. If you are one of those people that 'spot cleans' after every application then kudos to you mate, you're a better woman than me. I try to stick to the once a week and it's definitely up there with my least favourite tasks to do but one little purchase on eBay has made it all that little bit easier.

I picked up a 'silicone brush cleaning pad' for £1.85. These little things stick to the inside of your sink and gives you something to really scrub the brush or sponge against. It gets right to the bottom of the bristles and really gets every bit of muck there is out - my brushes have never been cleaner than when I used this and it takes such little effort as all the little ridges and gaps do the work for you. You do need to be a little more delicate with the sponges to prevent any tearing or ripping but if you soak them first and wait for them to expand fully they will be fine.

I don't bother using any fancy brush cleansers, I have always just used my normal shampoo and have never had any problems with shedding after washing them.

The postage was free and it only took 3-4 days to arrive - none of your 5 week china shipping times!

If you want to check it out, this is the link to the eBay page!



Allanah xxx