Superdrug New Glasgow West End Store Opening Day PLUS A Peek At Some Treats!

I spend far too much time wandering about Glasgow from coffee shop to coffee shop and shop to shop, so I am always excited when I hear of a new branch of something opening somewhere new, or a new coffee shop popping up around the corner. I was so happy to receive an e-mail last week about a new Superdrug opening up in Glasgow, at the West End Retail Park in Glasgow. Oh, and there is also a Sainsburys and an M&S there so you can use the excuse of food shopping and then just accidentally fall into Superdrug and accidentally buy 2 lipsticks, a mascara and that overpriced foamy shower gel because you have completed a chore and you deserve it. Duh.

I popped in on an opening day last Friday (31st March) and was greeted by an archway of branded balloons. Not gonna lie I was probably a bit of an awkward potato as this was the first time I have ever gone somewhere for a blog related reason and slightly crumbled when I first had to say 'Hi, I'm a blogger and...'. But whatevs.


The store itself is massive. There is an entire length of the shop just dedicated to all the cosmetic brands and it has such a large selection from every brand you could honestly spend an hour just looking through everything and getting your arm covered in a rainbow of nudes, pinks and purples.

superdrug The shop also offers all the eyebrow grooming services that some other Superdrugs do like threading. I didn't get it done myself as I do just pluck mine but I did see another customer getting hers done and as far as I could nosy, it definitely didn't look that painful.

The girls in the shop were really lovely, and I was grateful enough to receive a generous goodie bag filled with some fab products for going into springtime, as well as some lip colours that are to die for. There are quite a few things from Superdrugs own ranges which I am excited to try out as it's not something I have properly looked at before!


The super generous bag came with an amazing smelling Raspberry & Vanilla Shower & Bath Soak*, some eyelashes*, their own Build Me Up Tan* AND conveniently coming into the summer a 30SPF Moisturiser* from their Solait range. The one thing out of all of these products that I have actually tried is their blending sponge. These are usually £5 and can sometimes be picked up for £2/3 if they are on offer. They are a really fab and slightly cheaper alternative to the beauty blender. superdrug The brush is from their Studio range and is a Face Powder Brush*. It is really soft, and who doesn't love a pink brush? The 3 in 1 Active Haircare Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash* smells amazingly of Aloe Vera and is designed especially for helping you out after the gym and swimming!  Something that I have actually been wanting to try is the Simply Pure Hydrating Serum* - I have seen a few girls on Twitter mention this and give pretty good reviews so I am looking forward to seeing how I get on with it!

The eye cream* is from their 'Optimum Phytofreeze' range in which all products contain a unique active ingredient 'Vin-upLift' which is based on an ingredient found in premium Swiss Ice Wine - see, wine is good for the soul and for your face. I have actually tried this out already and it is a really strange sensation, it genuinely feels a bit like you are rubbing ice under your eye but melts very quickly to a gel-like consistency.

Another nice addition was their 'Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask'*.  I haven't tried any from Superdrugs' own range of individual masks so this will make for a nice treat one night!



I was excited to see three products from 'Gosh' inside - 1 lipstick and 2 of their matte liquid lipsticks. I think I will get a lot of use out of the lighter shade of liquid lipstick. I can definitely see the other 2 shades being favourites come autumn/wintertime too!

Something I had never seen before that came inside was 'Browcote*' made by the same brand that makes 'Lipcote'. I think this is a really interesting idea and really smart of them to break into the eyebrow industry. If Lipcote is anything to go by this will be brilliant. I'll be sure to update you guys!

Have you tried any of the products? If so please let me know in the comments what you thought of them!

Allanah xxx