Favourite Foundations For A Long Lasting & Flawless Base

My job involves seeing a lot of people in any given day, so feeling confident with my skin as best as I can is something that is quite important to me. I have been through my fair share of tubes and bottles of the confidence-saving stuff and have finally whittled down my favourite foundations for everyday wear. These foundations are the ones I go to on a daily basis; the ones that I can rely on to make my skin look flawless for the entire day without weighing my face down or breaking me out! foundations-rimmel-london-estee-lauder-double-wear-revlon-colour-stay


A classic, of course. I've used this for years and it hasn't only seen me through my work days but also the vast majority of my last years of school. I would say this is a medium coverage with a dewy coverage. I do tend to avoid using it in winter when I am a shade whiter than white. It works best when I have gradual tan on or just fake tan.


This is the newest addition to my 'everyday foundations' collection, and it was definitely a 'Where have you been all my life?!' moment when I tried this! (it actually made it into my 'March Beauty and Fashion Favourites' which you can read here.

This gives the most flawless finish, with that and the fact that it is still standing on my face by 6pm means I totally understand the hype that has surrounded this foundation for so long. This is also the only foundation that I find doesn't oxidise after 7/8 hours on my ridiculously pale face.

REVLON COLOUR STAY (£12.99 / Superdrug)

Now I think that this is actually incredibly similar to the Estee Lauder Double Wear but I wanted to include it due to the significant difference in price. I swore by this for years (and still do) after seeing every Youtuber and their Gran with it back in the day. It is a little pricier than your usual drugstore foundations but it definitely does perform just that slight bit better to justify it.

What foundations do you rely on to keep your skin looking flawless and radiant on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments as I love trying out new foundations!


 Allanah xxx