• 5 Reasons Why I Unfollowed You On Twitter

    6th March 2018

    You constantly retweet yourself. This shouldn’t annoy me as much as it should but it bloody does. Fair enough retweeting a blog promo tweet or a competition or something like that. But when you’re retweeting yourself cos you think your tweet was hilarious it’s like in school when someone tried to be funny but it…

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  • Bedroom Details with Blissprints UK*

    4th March 2018

    I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with interior decor, namely small details and pretty additions that bring a room together. I’m always picking up little trinket trays here and there, and I have more fairly lights than sense at this point in my life. So when Blissprints UK got in touch with me and asked…

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  • Distance Learning With The Open University

    28th February 2018

    I started studying a Business Management degree with The Open University in October last year (2017) and wanted to chat today a bit about what my experience has been like in the first 4 months. Distance learning isn’t something I thought I would ever do, and to be totally honest it’s something I always turned…

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  • Should Bloggers Take Products As Payment? Working For Free

    22nd January 2018

        The latest and most topical debate amongst bloggers at the moment is the subject of payment, and what our work is worth. Naturally, I thought I would get my little 5 pence piece opinion in and tell you where I stand on this debacle. Now first off, let’s just address that it’s bloody amazing that…

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  • the ordinary coverage foundation review

    The Ordinary Coverage Foundation First Impressions Review

    19th January 2018

    Well hello! Welcome to the first (slightly delayed) beauty review of 2018. I thought I would kick off by talking about a product by a brand that I would really like to delve into more this year. There is so much hype around The Ordinary at the moment! Whilst a lot of the attention goes to…

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  • 6 Signs You Need To Leave Your Partner

    17th December 2017

      I think the thing that people take for granted about ‘toxic relationships’, is that 9 times out of 10 you don’t realise that you are in one. Now I’m not talking about a friend that takes ages to text you back or the guy that you fancy that blows hot and cold with you.…

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  • Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation

    15th December 2017

      OK call me dramatic but is anyone else absolutely shocked that there is a foundation in a drugstore range that comes to £14.99?!  I double took the stand for this when I saw the price. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not ridiculous, but it’s definitely the most expensive foundation I’ve…

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  • Morning Skincare Routine Ft. Sophia’s Sphere

    29th November 2017

    WELL well well. It has been quite a while! It feels so bloody good to be sitting typing up a post again! I have so many ideas for posts over the next few months and I don’t plan on going anywhere for the foreseeable future so keep your eyes peeled for lots of exciting content in the…

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  • A Letter To Lost Friends

    26th October 2017

    This is something I have wanted to write for a long time. Not that any of you would probably ever see it, but our friendships ended so abruptly (and yah I know it was down to me being a shithead) and it’s nothing short of haunted me ever since and I just kinda have to…

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  • August 2017: Selfie Disasters, Autumn Excitement and Blogmas

    31st August 2017

    Hey lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve done a sit-down, rambling post! I’ve been a bit MIA here the past few weeks as I am currently cameraless due to what I like to call, the great selfie incident of August. Turns out kitchen counters are great for getting good angles, not so great when you drop…

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