• Look Fantastic July 2018 Beauty Box Review

    23rd July 2018

    I’m into the second month of my Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscription now and I can confidently say it is fast becoming my favourite delivery to receive every month. Every month has a theme, and this month featured 6 products around the July-fitting and weather relevant ‘Golden Goddess’ box. As usual, there was the always appreciated recent…

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  • beglow sonic cleanser device

    BeGlow Tia Sonic Facial Cleanser

    1st July 2018

    If there is one trend that has become more and more prevalent in skincare aside from charcoal and superfoods, it’s sonic cleansing. The OG brand that YouTube and beauty bloggers fell in love with was Clarisonic and since then a lot of luxury, as well as budget brands, have been getting in on the action. What…

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  • Look Fantastic Beauty Box June 2018

    10th June 2018

    I’ve felt a bit stuck in a rut in terms of beauty products the past year or so. I keep going back to the same products and not really venturing away from my tried and tested favourites. I mean, why fix what isn’t broken, but it’s definitely taken a bit of the fun away from…

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  • Is the Real Beauty Blender Worth The Investment?*

    19th March 2018

    I have used sponges to apply my base for probably years now on and off and I definitely think it’s the way forward. I’m a massive fan of the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge as well as the little ones you get in Superdrug for like £1 that are really handy to pick up. What I…

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  • the ordinary coverage foundation review

    The Ordinary Coverage Foundation First Impressions Review

    19th January 2018

    Well hello! Welcome to the first (slightly delayed) beauty review of 2018. I thought I would kick off by talking about a product by a brand that I would really like to delve into more this year. There is so much hype around The Ordinary at the moment! Whilst a lot of the attention goes to…

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  • Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation

    15th December 2017

      OK call me dramatic but is anyone else absolutely shocked that there is a foundation in a drugstore range that comes to £14.99?!  I double took the stand for this when I saw the price. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not ridiculous, but it’s definitely the most expensive foundation I’ve…

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  • Morning Skincare Routine Ft. Sophia’s Sphere

    29th November 2017

    WELL well well. It has been quite a while! It feels so bloody good to be sitting typing up a post again! I have so many ideas for posts over the next few months and I don’t plan on going anywhere for the foreseeable future so keep your eyes peeled for lots of exciting content in the…

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  • b clean melting gel cleanser

    My Favourite New First Cleanse

    9th August 2017

    I have to admit the past couple of months I have been so bad at keeping up an evening cleansing routine! I just can’t be bothered standing at the bathroom sink for 20 minutes in the evening when my bed is looking a lot comfier. That said, I have been trying to get out of my skincare slump and…

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  • Ultimate Routine For A Long Lasting & Full Coverage Base 

    5th August 2017

    The past few months I have started to wear full coverage makeup more or less every day. It’s not really about covering up my skin because apart from a few blemishes I don’t actually need that much coverage I just generally really like the look of a full face of makeup and something about it just makes…

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  • Saving Money For Beauty Addicts

    15th July 2017

    Being obsessed with all things beauty is a very expensive past time (arguably an unnecessary one, but that’s beside the point). There is a lot of pressure – particularly on bloggers – to be keeping up with the latest trends and fads in this incredibly fast paced industry. Oval brushes and a silicone sponge anyone?…

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