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Chatty January 2018: Not Making Resolutions, TLC and Goals

5th February 2018

It’s normally standard blogger chat to begin these posts by talking about how we can’t believe the month is already over and everything is going so quickly but I think I can speak for us all when I say I am RELIEVED that last month is over. I can practically hear the heavens singing as I type this. This is the first year of my life I have been fully aware of how crap January is. The weather is miserable, compared to the festive season it feels like there is nothing in life to look forward to and it’s been so long since payday that I have forgotten what money looks like. The only reassurance is that we are all in the same crappy boat. BUT IT’S OVER. February is here and then it will be Spring and Summer before we know it. I am so ready to kiss goodbye to winter and how miserable it is and start to look forward to some sort of summer. I mean I live in Scotland so I’m hardly going to spend my entire Summer tanning and chilling but at least I might be able to go outside without beginning to chatter.

Why I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions:

As much as I am so excited for the rest of the year (January didn’t count OK – let’s consider it 2018 beta testing) and I have so many goals and things I want to achieve, I didn’t actually bother setting New Years Resolutions this year and honestly, it was so liberating. I didn’t wake up on the 1st with a pressure to totally re-invent myself, and I don’t have the end-of-month guilt about not attending the gym every other day or not only eating spinach and chicken for a month. I decided to let myself mourn the festive period (this is not dramatic and absolutely necessary) and I’m so happy I gave myself some downtime because now rather than feeling deflated with not keeping resolutions (and let’s face it, we never do), I feel ready to take on February and the rest of the year.

Goals for the year:

That being said there are a few things I want to achieve this year, mostly in terms of the blog. I’m not going to go into number targets and details like that, but the plan is next year to be handing in my notice to work for myself, so 2018 is the groundwork for that.  Eeek.

Some much needed TLC:

As for beauty favourites this month, I have been slightly hampered by the constant colds and runny noses to even be bothered to try out anything new this month. I think after the festive period we were all in need of a little TLC so January has been all about the pamper nights, the baths and the moisturiser for me. Start how you mean to go on, right? I have absolutely fallen in love with a product I received a while back from SAAF Skincare – it’s their Organic Super Hydrating Body Balm and it has been my saviour this month. Marketed as a general all-purpose balm, it reminds me a lot of the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and I have been using it religiously on my lips to save them from the harsh weather 2018 has so kindly brought us.

Thinking towards February:

I am starting to get into the rhythm of posting on the blog again (and I think you can expect a post from me every Monday & Friday with an additional 3rd post occasionally from now), and my main aim for February is to keep this up alongside University work.

I have also been attempting to up my Instagram game again by changing up the type of content I’m putting out, and how I’m putting it out. I think it’s time we all accepted the new algorithm and just got to working with it rather than complaining about it. I’ve been attempting to post more fashion-led pictures and whilst I’m still finding my feet with it, I’m really enjoying it and it’s somewhat refreshing to see my own mug on my grid rather than just miles of marble! (I also used some of said pics for this post because I and natural lighting are not getting along right now and I really wanted to get this post up…) I’m also finding it’s helping my account with engagement and growth so it’s a win for everybody!

My aim for the year as a whole is to be consistent with my blog and socials over the year, and I’m hoping to start to turn my online world into something a little more. I’m going to put myself out there and start looking for more opportunities and really putting the graft into my passion for creating content. Here’s to 2018, bitchesssss x




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